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We are your partner for Marketing Automation

In 2020 marketing boils down to creating an endless chain of positive brand experiences. Wherever the customer is. In real time. Personalised. Automated.

We help companies create and scale these experiences. With the right data, software, processes, and content.

Welcome to MAVENS.

Mavens 3 Phases

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We love data

Make all decisions based on current data: we help you to use existing and new data sources, discover patterns and opportunities in user behaviour, define new interactions and translate these into individual experiences.

We analyse, pilot and standardise in order to be able to scale sensibly. In the end, we transfer our knowledge to your team. Because we pursue the same goal in every project: to set up an effective system that runs smoothly and thus make ourselves superfluous as quickly as possible.

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Users become Customers

  • → Attract | What does your target group aim for?
  • → Engage | How do direct customer relationships develop?
  • → Delight | How do expectations turn into personal experiences?

Mavens Marketing Automation

We are a certified Hubspot partner
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Better results, less costs: Marketing Automation

Benefit from our experience with the leading marketing automation software providers.

Our experience includes large marketing suites such as Salesforce and Adobe, speedboats such as Hubspot, platforms such as Facebook and Google, and specialized software for separate application areas.

We are happy to support you in selecting and introducing the right software.
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We automate your marketing processes

  1. „Single View of Customer“: Central customer profiles ensure consistent content and interaction
  2. Automated standard processes lead to lower costs with higher output
  3. AI supported contact management delivers even more, better qualified and devoted leads

Customer Experience x Marketing Automation

  1. 40% higher individual sales

  2. 70% longer customer cycles

  3. 60% increased customer value

We are the agency for the digital age. Our goal is to build up brands that inspire.

MAVENS Professional Services



  • Targets, Target Groups, Channels
  • Personas, Funnels & Engagements
  • Technology, Data, Processes

User Experience

  • Customer Experience Mapping
  • Customer Journey Design
  • Experience Design



  • Implementation
  • APIs
  • Customizing


  • Display Campaigns
  • Email Campaigns
  • Landing pages



  • Lead Generation
  • Lead Nurturing
  • CRM-Processes


  • Customer Service
  • Communities
  • User Engagement



“We enjoy working with MAVENS. They are customer-oriented, knowledgeable and have very good technical know-how. I can unreservedly recommend MAVENS.”
Claudia Sommer, AudioPhysic


Mark Pohlmann

Teresa Stockmeyer
Managing Director

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