Author: Erik Hauth

Swing together, cling together : Why co-liability on Facebook Pages forces brands to rethink.

After a week of General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) being in place in the European Union, which already caused a lot of excitement and uncertainty in the run-up, it is becoming quite clear: The EU is serious. This week, the European Court of Justice (ECJ) ruled that operators of a Facebook page are jointly responsibleread more

Say goodbye to the information age: it’s all about reputation now

There is an underappreciated paradox of knowledge that plays a pivotal role in our advanced hyper-connected liberal democracies: the greater the amount of information that circulates, the more we rely on so-called reputational devices to evaluate it. What makes this paradoxical is that the vastly increased access to information and knowledge we have today doesread more

The Cambridge Analytica Effect: Half of Americans distrust Facebook

Right after the data scandal, many initially thought that Facebook would remain rather unscathed. After all, the share price of the blue world market leader had been recovering significantly. Nevertheless, there is no reason for Mark Zuckerberg to be cheerful, since Facebook’s business practices have put severe pressure on the digital world’s most important asset:read more

5 essential rules for building a community on the web

Recently I meet managers and marketing experts who want a community for their business or brand. However, community projects often fail because their operators do not think carefully enough about why they want to run a community. Besides the essential question, which goals I follow, what objectives a community should contribute to and when isread more