We have been advising our clients in the core areas of social media, community, and content marketing for ten years now. Here you will find selectedexamples illustrating how we turn our clients’ customers into multipliers.

mavens cases

BabyOne Markets | Customer Community

MAVENS and its subsidiary Brandslisten designed an entire baby community for early-years retailer BabyOne.

  • Community concept
  • Shop reviews
  • Product tests
  • Customer card link-up
  • Community building
  • Influencer integration

Deutscher Ärzteverlag | Expert Content Marketing

Since 2016, MAVENS has been operating a marketing blog aimed at doctors for the German medical publishing house Deutscher Ärzteverlag

  • Concept and planning for an online magazine; implementation
  • Creation of an editorial office (including processes)
  • Topic planning
  • Content production
  • Guest author coordination

200% growth in 2nd year | 500,000 visits annually


Mars – Helping to set the agenda on a daily basis

Mars Global is highly active on many social networks and this makes it all the more important for the company to always be up to date on the latest discussions – on a global level in all important markets. The questions Mars needs to answer every day are: Which topics matter to our customers? Are there crises to which we should respond?

For the US company, MAVENS Social Listening Team offers an invaluable advantage: based in Hamburg, Germany, we are able to observe the market at least six hours ahead. When thing sget going on the East Coast in the morning, our analyses are ready and waiting in Mars Global’s inbox.

Panasonic – Transforming social media into story-telling

MAVENS has been supporting Panasonic Germany since 2010, during which time we have built up offers for the Panasonic and Lumix brands on all important social networks with several million visitors per month. Nevertheless, social media is changing: exciting posts are no longer enough to sustain a lively customer relationship. Users now expect to be served content to match their expectations.

In order to live up to Panasonic’s reputation for technology, MAVENS introduced its own proprietary media platforms early on. The Panasonic Experience is an online magazine which presents the exciting world of Panasonic technologies on a daily basis. No dry lists of stats or product data sheets, though! This platform is about the stories the products write: Did you know how to move TVs safely? Ever heard of an enhancer?

Another owned media site is the Lumix G Experience. This Panasonic community presents creative photo stories from members, tips & tricks, and news from the world of photography. It’s where Lumix owners come to get inspiration from thousands of photo enthusiasts every day on how to get the most out of their Lumix.