The Cambridge Analytica Effect: Half of Americans distrust Facebook

Right after the data scandal, many initially thought that Facebook would remain rather unscathed. After all, the share price of the blue world market leader had been recovering significantly.

Nevertheless, there is no reason for Mark Zuckerberg to be cheerful, since Facebook’s business practices have put severe pressure on the digital world’s most important asset: trust in the brand.

54% of Americans distrust Facebook when it comes to their data

Today the digital magazine Recode announced that Facebook is leading the ranking of digital brands that Americans least believe can guarantee the security of their data by far.

„Some 56 percent of Americans said they trusted Facebook least with their personal information out of all major tech companies.“

The fatal thing is: second-placed Google and also UBER driving service, which has been repeatedly criticized in the past, can build upon a trust rate of over 90%. Only 5% and 3% respectively distrust the two Internet giants.


Quelle: Recode, „Facebook is the least-trusted major tech company“
Titelfoto: CC-by visualhunt.com

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